Sunday, 19 October 2014


All the three key races that form Malaysia’s majority — the Malays, Chinese and Indians — are immigrants or “pendatangs”, even though the Malays, as the country’s dominant ethnic group, are given Bumiputera status, a Gerakan delegate said today.
Tan Lai Soon, a delegate from Johor, told his party’s national conference that supporters of Umno who have in the past referred to the Chinese as immigrants, did not realise that even the Malays do not originate from Malaysia.
“I want to explain Malaysians’ position. The Malays, Chinese, Indians, are all pendatangs (immigrants) other than the indigenous people, Sabahans, Sarawakians — the original Bumiputera.
“So when Umno’s people say the Chinese are pendatang, they didn’t think that they are also pendatang from Indonesia,” he said during the debate session at Gerakan’s 43rd National Delegates Conference.malay mail


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  4. Well many more will be missing from the history book soon. Now they found the Parameswaraa died as Hindu therefore they will take him out as the founder of Melaka. I wonder why do they still follow the Hindu culture and salutation if they want to hide the truth so much. Sri Paduka Baginda Yang – translation: Upon your hoyy feed. This is an Hindu salutaion when Baratha took the throne from is brother Rama. He took Rama’s shoe on his head and govern the Ayuthia until Rama return from his 14 years of forest life. Sri is the highes salutaion in Hindu still used to salute all our dignitaries. Ampun Tuanku beribu ribu ampun is also India Royal salutation before seeing the ruler/Raja. Our whole cabinet follow the Indian system. Perdana Menteri, Menteri, Raja, Permaisuri, Putera, Putri. By the way even UMNO follow the Indian way – Bumiputera – Indian name. Putra UMNO, Puteri UMNO, Wanita – same in Kerala/Malayalam. Also check many Malayalam word is is the same as the Malay. The house in Kerala is the same done in Kampong in Malaysia.

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